Hlavní stránka



Alice Lubelcová

Head of the department


Nad Elektrárnou 1526/45

106 00 Praha 10


Tel.:  +420 267 198 465

Fax: + 420 267 198 120

Mobil: + 420 602 171 218

E-mail: alubelcova@sitel.cz

Purchasing department

The purchasing department, sales and logistics ensures all activities necessary for the delivery of goods to the final customer either under construction or in direct sale of goods from a central warehouse Dolínek located near Prague or from regional warehouses in the regions of Pilsen, Brno, Ostrava:


  • negotiate contract terms with suppliers of materials and logistics services with effect throughout the Czech Republic
  • buy and sell range of products from Czech or foreign suppliers
  • sell goods of own production
  • storage and optimize inventory in the central warehouse Dolínek
  • sell and distribute goods according to customer orders from CZ and abroad
  • ensure logistics flow of goods into the Czech and foreign branches and representative offices
  • material supply for the own construction and contracts
  • transport of goods by external carriers or own vehicles (2x Volvo with hydraulic hands and with tow, 1x IVECO box with hydraulic lift and 1x IVECO truck with hydraulic lift)
  • keep operating inventories under contract with the customer
  • closely cooperate with the sales department, which provides price quotations to tender or for direct sale of own products 


Given the long experiences we are able to provide ever goods not only from our own production, but also from the range of Czech and foreign suppliers. In our warehouse we currently registered about 7000 items by from nearly 600 suppliers.