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Sealing systems Polywater


Cable seals against water under pressure

 SITEL s.r.o. offers you cable sealing against water under pressure. Polywater ®

 brand cable seals are intended for sealing cables in passages. They also make

 it possible to seal new and existing cables and duct against water under

 pressure, acids, petroleum products , rodents and other contaminants.

 Polywater®  cable sealing withstands water pressure up to 10m water column


 Installation is relatively simple, ( see downloads ) . The main component of the

 seal is two-component  foam , which expands after application using special

 mixing  nozzle and  application gun between two sealing strips.

 The foam hardens after a few minutes. The foam expands even in the presence

 of pressured water. Such a seal made of hardened foam is firm , elastic and

 resistant to chemicals. After several minutes it is already possible to

 manipulate cables. 



Types and package

FST-180 Kit

 Type: FST-180 Kit
 The Kit contains:

 1x cartridge
 2x sealing strip
 3x mixing nozzle
 1x manipulation stick
 1x cleanng wipe
 1x cartridge end capc
 1x pair of gloves
 1x installation instruction

  The application gun is not part of the Kit.
  It is neccessary to order  FST-TOOL !





 Application gun for FST-180 Kit.












FST-250 Kit

 Type: FST-250 Kit
 This is new version of  FST Kit.  Here you can find a new shape of the cartridge

 (round) the same like for example common Silicon cartridge in the market.

 There you can use standard application gun possible to buy in common

 warehouse shops.

 The Kit contains the same items like FST-180 Kit.

 The difference is only in the shape of cartridge.
 The application gun is not part of the Kit.







        Common application gun

 possible to order extra:

 FST-DAM - sealing strip / match for both types of FST /
 FST-TOOL  - application gun / only for FST 180 Kit /
 FST-180 extra cartridge for  FST-180 Kit
 FST-250 extra cartridge for  FST-250 Kit


Information about price are in division "Price lists"


Files to download:

Polywater brochure

Polywater catalogue 2009

Installation instruction  (FST 180 / 250)

Test report

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