In-house equipment


Head of department

Ing. Vít Kodr

Tel.: 267 198 427

Fax.: 267 198 222

Mob.: 602 615 523


Cable networks




Telecommunication systems in cable networks are the basis of each wide area information network. SITEL s.r.o. builds these networks at all levels - from trunk through metropolitan to access networks. An integral part of the service is not only, construction of the system in xWDM, SDH, PDH and TCP/IP technologies, but also comprehensive customer support from design of the telecommunication network, project design documentation, supply, construction and start-up to processing of project implementation documentation. After start-up of the system, it provides its customers with warranty and post-warranty service as per service level agreement. An integral part of the construction of large telecommunication systems is installation of in-house cables, supervisory and power supply systems including standby power systems (batteries).

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