Optic networks


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Dalibor Mitana

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Termination and measurement of optic lines



Provision of services on an optic line is dependent on the creation of a user interface. In the terminal stations, the optic cable runs into optical distribution boards and terminates in the desired optic connector. Via this interface, the operation of the optic systems that carries the user services, is enabled. This interface is also the reference for measurement of the optic line parameters and their guarantee. SITEL s.r.o. installs optic distribution boards from a wide spectrum of manufacturers. At the same time, the user interface is provided in arbitrary design according to the requirements of the customer. Integral parts of the termination of the optic lines are also the systems for management of optic fibres, reserves, cassettes for lodgement of optic connections and passive elements for improvement of optic parameters (scattering). With a final measurement, we guarantee the parameters of the optic lines to the following extent: operating loss (direct method and OTDR), inhomogeneity and scattering parameters (PMD and upon request also CD). 

      Optický zesilovač    Optické rozhraní SC/PC

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Měření na optickém rozhraní Výsledek měření vidové disperze (PMD)