Optic networks


Head of department

Dalibor Mitana

Tel.: 267 198 234

Fax.: 267 198 222

Mob.: 606 607 797

E-mail: dmitana@sitel.cz

Optic lines



The basis of each optic network is the cable line. The quality of every service provided on this line depends on the quality of its assembly and this is especially true for long-distance optic lines. Key activities primarily involve installing and terminating fiber optic cables. An essential condition for long-term operation of optical cables is also creation of reserves, which are used in case of cable failure (e.g. in case of mechanical damage). SITEL s.r.o. provides arbitrary fibre-connection technologies to its customers (from welding in long-distance networks to mechanical connection at the lowest levels of the network). At the same time, it guarantees optimum solutions according to the customer´s requirements in the choice of technology relating to the the optic connections, cable chamber and reserves.

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