The Prague Castle Administration – construction of the trunk optical network


Air Navigation Services of the Czech Republic – construction of a digital transmission system for IATCC Praha


Air Navigation Services of the Czech Republic increase of the capacity and expansion of the optical and metallic network


Air Navigation Services of the Czech Republic – national integrated centre – EPS, EZS, evacuation PA system, television cables, low-voltage routes, CCTV, electronic access control, structural cables, area distribution systems


T-Systems Czech Republic, a.s. - building and reconstruction of the metropolitan fibre optic network PragoNet (T-Systems) – Reconstruction of the trunk and access fibre optic networks along lines A, B, C


T-Systems Czech Republic, a.s. – construction of part of the fibre-optic network PragoNet (T-Systems) – after the floods. Construction and equipment of telecommunications distribution localities, construction of transmission nodes from SDH and PDH systems and their cabling


EBM, s.r.o. – structural cables, EZS, EPS, low-voltage connection, weak current connection


INEL – Market, spol. s r.o. – security camera system Plzeňská x Teplárenská – supply and assembly of optic cables, processing of measurement protocols and processing of actual implementation documentation


CTP Invest, spol. s r.o. – supply and assembly of SYSTIMAX low voltage installations


Skanska CZ a.s. – SITEL cable chambers and multi-ducts


SITEL Data Center, a.s. – complete construction of data and service centre


FiberNet, a.s. – metropolitan optic network – processing of complete project design documentation including arrangements for the provision of the required permits, processing of the implementation documentation, earthworks related to the laying of the network, assembly work, geodetic work, processing of actual implementation documentation.


Interior Ministry Czech Republic – service after construction of telecommunication nodes on FR – VANGUARD, base including interconnection of the Police CR and Alien Police CR in the integrated system of the Interior Ministry CR


Interior Ministry Czech Republic – supply of telecommunication nodes, data and IP telephone system, including interconnection of the Police CR and Alien Police CR in the integrated network of the Interior Ministry CR via FR – Vanguard


Chládek a Tintěra, Pardubice a.s.  reconstruction of the building of the Regional Office – heavy current installations, weak current installations, structural cables, EPS (electronic fire signalling), public address system, CCTV, STA, EZS (electronic security system)


Kabelová televize Kadaň, a.s. – project and reconstruction of cable system


SAT-AN s.r.o. – construction of the optical access network Sat-an Kladno


CentroNet, a.s. – construction of the multifunctional network for the provision of TriplePlay services, i.e. broadband Internet, digital TV on IPTV basis and VoIP voice services, including processing of project design documentation


Trestel CZ, a.s.  supply and assembly of fibre optic telecommunication and the data route Hospozín - Rozvadov


METROPOLNET a.s. – construction of optical routes in the collectors of Thermal Management of the Municipality of Ústí nad Labem (Tepelné hospodářství města Ústí nad Labem), City Hall, Regional Office and Masaryk Hospital.