Project documentation

Head of department

Ing. Radovan Poisel

Tel.: 267 198 422

Fax.: 267 198 222



Documentation of real head

Head of department

Ing. Petr Landa

Tel.: 267 198 160Fax.: 267 198 222


Documentation of civil engineering projects

This centre provides:

  • project design documentation, mainly for optic networks using state-of-the-art technologies for laying and assembly of optic cables, micro-cables, eventually, individual fibres.
  • laying within the framework of reconstruction of transport infrastructure
  • all engineering activities related to the project design work. It prepares all the required levels of the project design documentation (according to all the applicable stipulations of the Building Act)

 -    feasibility studies - documentation for tenders

 -   documentation for building permit

 -    project implementation documentation

  • permits in compliance with the Building Act and related regulations

 -    work related to the establishment of easements, compiles and negotiates contracts with owners and users of the concerned real estate property, eventually, arranges the signature of other written contracts with the owner of the concerned property and/or prepares and submits proposals to the expropriating authority to secure rights by decision.                                                                                                                       

  • The documentation processing department is responsible for processing of the project implementation documentation. This concerns files that are prepared only after completion of construction and capture all the actual implementation of the civil engineering project.


This process runs independent from the project design documentation because situations arise when the design documentation does not reflect reality. The department is capable of processing implementation documentation either by updating the data from the project design documentation, depending on the actual state after completion of construction or if the project design documentation is non-existent, it is capable of preparing complete new files according to the in-house guidelines of the current customers.

-   for new customers, we are capable of adapting to requirements according to which they want us to process implementation documentation.

the individual workplaces are equipped with graphic systems (Macrostation and AutoCAD) and the most common office software, which are used for processing the implementation documentation. 




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