Laying and mechanization


Head of department

Jaroslav Stolovský

Tel.: 267 198 418

Fax.: 267 198 222

Mob.: 606 608 372


Laying and mechanization

The mechanization and blowing centre performs and provides:


  • excavation works using own mechanization including preparation of uncontrolled drive under up to a diameter of 125 mm
  • construction lines from HDPE ducts, relocation of HDPE ducts, relocation of optical and metallic cables, construction multi-duct lines
  • blowing of micro-duct bundles, optical cables, optical micro-cables and optical fibre bundles
  • construction of metropolitan communication networks including provision of comprehensive design documentation 
  • assembly of in-house lines and driving of elements, fire-stopping and waterproof passages (INTUMEX, HILTI or DICO-H systems)
  • transport of material and machinery to the construction site