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Quadro 2X

Quadro 2x

Epygi Quadro 2x


Quadro2x is an ideal solution for small offices. Quadro2x is a compact IP router, SIP gateway and IP PBX. Quadro2x  makes it possible to connect standard analogue telephones and facsimiles, or modern SIP VoIP telephones. The total number of branches is 18. Quadro2x is connected to the public telephone network via one FXO port, or via an unlimited number of VoIP trunks. For voice and data routing, use an in-house router with QoS. Quadro2x also has a high performance firewall, NAT, DHCP client and server, IPSec, PPTP and L2TP VPN.

Configuration is done from the Internet browser. Further, Quadro2x has a voice box for all branches + virtual branches, automatic connection and T.38 fax support.


Configuration: 2x FXS, up to 18 branches, 1x FXO, VoIP trunks without limitation, 1x LAN, 1x WAN