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VoIP technologie Epygi

Epygi Quadro VoIP Exchanges


Cheap communication worldwide has never been easier. SITEL, spol. s r.o. introduces a complex solution of a modern VoIP branch exchange with advanced functions for a bargain price, which will enable you to make toll-free calls or, eventually, at minimum cost.

Already in the basic configuration, it offers functions like automatic connections, conference calls, voice boxes, mutual connection of exchanges (creation of a telephone network with a uniform numbering plan and toll-free calls), recording of calls, fax support for e-mail and thus ranks among the most comprehensive solutions in the market. You can use your current analogue telephone for your telephone calls and thus save costs.

The wide range of EPYGI products makes it possible to really select the most suitable solutions for toll-free calls or cheap telephone calls for your household, small company, but also medium-sized or large company.  All you need is EPYGI QUADRO equipment, which securely interconnects the classic telephone network with VoIP technologies.
Regardless of whether you are working from home in telemarketing, you have a small company, or you are the head of the branch office of a large international company, the Quadro product series will offer you a secure VoIP solution, which is tailored directly for the customer.