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Microtubes accessories



 Micro-duct connections

 micro-duct connections of dimensions:
 5,7,10,12,14 and 16mm 

 Each connection has 2 locking pins, which secure the micro-duct against

 shearing in case of insensitive handling and prevent falling off of the micro-

 duct from the connection in case of higher pressurization.









 Micro-duct end caps

 Micro-duct end caps of dimensions:

 5,7,10,12,14 and 16mm. 


 Each end has 1 locking pin, which has the same function as applies to the










Micro-cable sealing connection

with lock

 Micro-cable sealing connection with lock of dimensions:

 5,7 and 10mm.









Micro-cable sealing connection

 for larger diameters

 Micro-cable sealing connection for larger diameters of dimensions:

 12 and 14mm










Adapter connection 

 Adapter connection - used for transition to a different diameter - offered

 in dimensions of :    7 / 5mm
                                   10 / 5mm
                                   10 / 7mm
                                   12 / 10mm
 The connection includes locking pins.








 Y-closure - dismountable closure including halved bolting used for mechanical

 protection of duct branches. The closure can be used on both the HDPE duct

 and SIDUCT /necessity to seal with tape/. We offer it in dimensions 40/40/40. In

 case of need for a smaller diameter, it is possible to use a 40/32 adapter.











Matrix I-closure

 Matrix I-closure (in-line)  - used for mechanical protection interconnected micro-

 ducts. The bolting is also halved and dismountable.

 We offer dimensions: 40/40










Matrix T-closure

 Matrix T-closure - used for mechanical protection of micro-duct branches. The

 bolting is also halved and dismountable.

We offer it in the following dimensions: 40/40/40





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