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protective HDPE micro-ducts are exclusively manufactured for SITEL s.r.o. in the TIÚ-PLAST ,a.s. plant. Micro-ducts are used for installation of optic micro-cables and fibre optic bundles using the blowing method, eventually in short sections by drawing. It serves as mechanical protection of the already
mentioned micro-cables or fibre bundles.


 State- of-the-art technology for the construction of optic networks is based on

 micro-ducting technology. This technology facilitates variable selection of

 several possible system combinations, i.e. use of micro-ducting of cables /

 multi-ducts by blowing micro-duct bundles into empty  HDPE ducts and direct

 burying of hardened micro-ducts. All these possible systems can be

 combined in view of the project and topology requirements.

 As a rule, we  use two types of micro-ducts, i.e.:
 Standard:     5 / 3.5mm(outer diameter/inner diameter)
                        7 / 5.5mm
                     10 / 8mm
                     12 / 10mm
                     14 / 12mm


 This type of micro-ducting requires additional protection, for which reason,

 bundles are blown into empty HDPE ducts, or industrial multi-ducts are used.

 Hardened:     7 / 3.5mm(outer diameter/inner diameter)
                      10 / 5.5mm
                      12 / 8mm
                      14 / 10mm
                      16 / 12mm

 This type of micro-ducting may be buried directly without any need for

 additional protection. If you want to leave out one step of the blowing process

 and you need to get 100% utilisation of the inner space, then you can opt  for

 the multi-ducts system, where it is necessary to only blow in an optical

 micro-cable or a bundle of fibres.

 If we opt for the variant of blowing micro-ducts into HDPE ducts, we must count

 on usage of maximum 60% of the HDPE duct. (the ducts get tangled as a

 result of the blowing action). This is a limiting factor and, for this reason, we

 may blow, for instance, only 5 x 10/8mm micro-ducts into 40/33 HDPE. etc..

 Currently, it is already possible to blow an optical micro-cable with 96 fibres

 into a 10/8mm micro-duct.

 If you want to leave out one step of the blowing process and you need to get

 100% utilisation of the inner space, then you can opt for the multi-ducts

 system, where it is necessary to only blow in an optical micro-cable or a

 bundle of fibres.

 We supply micro-ducts in the following standard colours:
      - white RAL 9003             - light blue RAL-5015
      - grey RAL 7004               - dark blue RAL-5003
      - yellow RAL 1018           - light green RAL-6018
      - orange RAL 2004         - dark green RAL-5021
      - red RAL 2030                - brown RAL-8004
      - purple RAL 4005           - black RAL-9017

 We also offer accessories for micro-ducts such as couplings for micro-ducts,

 ends, locking elements and branch and direct mechanical couplings.






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