HDPE tubes


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HDPE , LSPE and HFFR tubes





 HDPE tubes /cable protection tubes/ are deployed as a component of

 telecommunications networks, eventually, light and heavy current distribution

 systems. The optical cable is blown or drawn into the duct, whereby the ducts

 may be connected with dismountable mechanical connectors. Generally, it is

 possible to supply HDPE tubes in all desired colours according to the

 requirements of the customer specified in the standard, or RAL colour scale.

 The tubes may be supplied without stripes, or with 4x1 (or4x2) longitudinal

 contrasting stripes at regular intervals along the perimeter at an angle of 90°.






 The cable protection tubes are always supplied with a smooth outer surface.

 The finish of the inner lining ensures a low friction coefficient, which simplifies

 blowing of cables or  micro-ducts.  It is possible to select one of the basic

 variants of the inner  wall:

 a) smooth with silicone lubrication. with oil

 b) smooth lubricated with a co-extruded film of polymers

 c) slotted without lubrication

 d) slotted with a co-extruded film of polymers 

 As a standard, the ducts are marked with a contrasting, at least 5mm tall 

 permanent print, identifying the footage, marking, identification of

 manufacturer/supplier, customer, dimensions, type of material, date of

 production and in-house identification mark.




 HDPE , LSPE and HFFR ducts can be  

 supplied on wooden drums or rolls.                                                                              












  LSPE tubes are protectors with low combustibility. The ducts are supplied in

 non-combustibility class "B" and "C1" according to the already invalid ČSN

 730862 standard. Used in all areas with a requirement for higher fire

 resistance, such as, the Metro, collectors , interior distribution lines, etc. Each

 type of duct is tested by an accredited test centre and every series is regularly

 tested during production.








 HFFR tubes - anti-halogen guards with reduced combustibility for protection of

 optical fibre and other cables. They are suitable mainly for use in interiors,

 underground train (Metro) areas, collectors and all other places where high

 demands are placed on a certain level of duct fire safety.

 These ducts have the following advantages:

 - they are halogen-free

 - reduced generation of smoke

 - low toxicity and corrosiveness of combustion products

 - the material does not drip during the burning process and the surface   is thus

   free of a sooty layer, which acts  as a thermal insulation barrier


 - flexibility (it is not possible to manipulate them like the HDPE ducts) thanks to a

   different chemical composition of the material.



 All other additional specific data about HDPE, LSPE and HFFR ducts, including data about bending, storage, etc. is 

 available in the section price lists/HDPE ducts and micro-ducts.


Information about price are in division "Price Lists"


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