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SIDUCT - multiduct



 SITEL s.r.o offers a micro-duct cable / multi-duct with the trade name SIDUCT.

 Currently, the state-of-the-art technology  for construction of optic networks

 is  micro-ducting. One method is laying of empty HDPE ducts, into  which  

 micro-duct bundles are subsequently blown and at the next stage, blowing

 of  an optic micro-cable into a micro-duct.  The disadvantage is double blowing

 and  a further disadvantage is max. 60% utilisation of the inner space of the

 HDPE  duct. (when air-blowing, the micro-ducts mutually wrap around









 Another possibility is offered here, i.e. usage of SIDUCT where you can utilize 

 100% of its inner space. After installation, all you need do is blow the

 optical  micro-cable or fibre-bundle. We offer different variants and number 

 arrangements and diameters of micro-ducts used. Due to the structure of

 the  SIDUCT, standard size ducts with a micro-duct wall thickness of 1 mm are











                         Type  DI

 We offer two basic types of SIDUCT:

 Type: DI / Direct Install 

 This type of SIDUCT has AL protective foil against penetration of water or  moisture and its design is single-sheath. Type DI can be used only with

 additional protection, which entails a necessity for installation in a protective 

 HDPE duct, or concrete ducts or other types of cable ducts where it is protected

 against mechanical damage. Type DI cannot be directly installed in the

 ground without additional protection!! 







                         Type DB

 Type: DB / Direct Burried

 This type of SIDUCT may have PE or AL protective foil against penetration of 

 water or moisture and its design is dual-sheath. Type DB can be buried

 mdirectly in the ground without the necessity for additional protection.











                          Flat duct

 As the cheapest version of  the multi-

 ducts for direct burying, we also offer the,

 so-called, "Flat duct " version and

 so-called "Sleeve" version, whereby the

 multi-duct consists of reinforced micro-

 ducts with a wall thickness of 2mm in a

 simple PE sheath.  We also offer

 accessories for micro- ducts, where

 besides special items,  we offer wholly

 standard micro-duct connections and

 ends including locking pins.The standard

 dimensions are:   

 5,7,10,12,14 and 16mm. 

 The connections and ends are universal

 both for usage with standard micro-ducts

 and hardened micro-ducts.




                       Type LSZH

 Upon customer request, our company is also capable of supplying SIDUCT

 in LSZH design that is suitable, mainly, for interior installation. This type has

 a sheath made of fire containing, non-halogen material material with low

 smoke emission. Used in all areas with higher fire safety requirements.

 Operating temperature -50°C to +70°C. 









         Connections and End Caps

 We also offer accessories for micro-ducts, where besides special items, we 

 offer wholly standard micro-duct connections and ends including locking pins. 

 The standard dimensions are: 5,7,10,12,14 and 16mm. The connections and

 ends are universal both for usage with standard micro-ducts and hardened 



 All types of the SIDUCT can be combined variably according to the

 requirements of the operator or project with all other types of micro-duct

 systems regardless of whether they are used with the system for blowing

 micro-ducts into empty HDPE ducts, or with the system of hardened micro-ducts
 that are directly buried. SITEL s.r.o. also offers other accessories necessary for

 construction of networks, such as, connectors of various types, tools, etc.

Due to abundant practical experience, we also offer design of complete lines including installation on turnkey basis!!!


Information about price are in section "Price"


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