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Sealing systems and cleaners

SITEL s.r.o. also offers other Polywater ®  products , such as, sealing systems and cleaners. All these products make the repair of various equipment more efficient, or installation of gel-filled cables or cleaning and maintenance of tools.






Sealing systems

                      Air Repair®

 Air Repair®

 Type: AR-Kit 14F

 Revolutionary sealant repair system for pressured telephone cables and 

 joints. Seals the locking pieces of lead sheaths, etc.. Increases the 

 efficiency of repairs and simplifies exacting tasks.

 The set contains:

 sealant, cement, cleaning rags, sand paper, mixing and application tools,

 gloves, basic coat and usage instructions.

                   Power Patch ®

 Power Patch ®

 Type: EP-Kit11 - sealing system for repair of transformer leaks. Quick-

 hardening cement that stops penetration of oils and gas leaks. Quicker

 than welding, a transformer station can remain in operation.Good

 adhesion to metals.

 The set contains:

 2 bowls of sealant A+B, cement, clean rags, sandpaper, a pair of gloves,

 2 mixing sticks and usage instructions.

                         BonDuit ®


 Typical BT-Kit

 Non-conducting glue for joints. The glue forms an air-tight and water-tight 

 bond. Recommended for gluing fibre-glass ducts-PE, PE-PE, steel-PE.

 The set contains:

 2x glue container, 8x mixing injecting nozzle, sandpaper, 8x cleaning rag

 TR-1.  The application gun is not part of the set.



 Cable seals against water under pressure
 Type: FST-180 Kit and  FST-250 Kit
 Suitable for use in the telecommunications industry, building construction,

 transport etc. Type FST 180 has a special cartridge and it is necessary

 to also purchase a special application gun. For type FST 250 , it suffices
 to use a standard ejector gun.

 The kit contains:

 2x sealing tape , 1x pair of gloves, 3x blending ejector nozzle,manipulation

 stick , 1x cleaning rag and user instruction.

 The application gun is not part of the kit.

 More information you can find in section "Sealing systems Polywater"






 Type: Hydrasol® 

 Combustibility: Self-distinguishing 

 Gel-remover for cleaning cables filled with gel. Safe and efficient cleaner 

 for removal of dirt and grease from cables.

 Packaging: HS-1 / moistened rags /
 HS-32LR / 0.95 l bottle with pulveriser /
 HS-32 / 0.95 l bottle /
 HS-128 / 3.8 l canister /




 Type: FiberKleen™

 Combustibility: combustible

 Special cleaner for optical fibres and optical connectors. Does not leave

 any film, maximizes connectivity, quickly evaporates. Suitable mainly for the

 standard wave-length of 1625nm.
 Packaging: FC-PEN / cleaning pen - suitable for ferrule/
 FC-2LP / mechanical spray 475 ml /
 FC-Kit 2 / set of all elements in a nylon bag/

 DT-D50 / 50pcs of rags in a plastic container/
 SWB-250 F100 / 100pcs of cleaning sticks/





 Type: SqueekyKleen™

 Combustibility: Flashpoint above 60°C
 Special telecommunications cleaner for removal of dirt and gels from the

 Loos-tube and Ribbon fibres during preparation for welding or connecting.

 Cleans without usage of alcohol, no residue.

 TC-1 / moistened towel /
 TC-35LR / 0.95 l bottle with pulverizer /
 TC-128 / 3.8 l canister /




 Type: Grime-Away
 Mild combustibility Efficient cleaner with a large spectrum of uses (glue,

 foam, oils, tar, lubricants,gels, tools, etc.)


 HTC-D72 /72x moistened rag 12.5 x 30cm/
 HTC-1 / single moistened rag 20x30c

          Rubber Goods Cleaner



 Rubber Goods Cleaner
 Type: Rubber Goods Cleaner
 Minimal combustibility
 Cleaner for rubber products. Universal  usage - removal of grease, dirt,

 smoke black, etc. Does not damage rubber.

 RBG-35LR / 0,95 l bottle with pulveriser/
 RBG-D72 / 72x moistened rag /m /

                       Type TR™


 Type: TR™
 Minimal combustibility
 Fast-drying incombustible cleaner with excellent features. Does not

 contain chlorinated solvents. Cleans semi-conductor cable sheaths,

 substances that support corrosion inhibitors, silicone lubricants, gels ,oils

 and many other contaminants in electronics cleaning.


 TR-1 / moistened rag 12x20cm /
 TR-16 / 450 ml spray /


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