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Lubricants LSZH


Our company also offers a lubricant for drawing that is especially intended for LSZH and LSHF cable sheaths. Type LZ lubricants form a thin layer lubricating film, which retains its features even after several months. We recommend its usage everywhere where cables with LSZH or LSHF sheaths are installed and where higher fire safety requirements exist (densely populated areas, nuclear facilities, petrochemical and steel industry, etc.)  Its chemical composition does not damage cable sheaths and retains their initial features.








                          Type LZ


 Type: LZ

 Combustibility: No

 Installation temperature: from -5°C to 50°C type LZ
 from -30°C to 50°C type WLZ
 Reduces friction upon installation of cables with LSZH jackets.
 Even after drying, it retains a thin lubrication layer. It neither damages

 the state of the cable jacket in any way nor changes its features

 concerning fire resistance.
 Packaging: LZ-35 / 0.95 l bottle /
 LZ-128 / 3.8 l canister /
 LZ-640 / 18.9 l bucket /


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