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Lubricants for blowing

Our company offers you special lubricants for blowing of cables, micro-cables and micro-ducts from the leading world manufacturer, the American company Polywater®. This company has multi-year experience that has been proven in practice. These lubricants are already at present an integral part of each installation in many countries when using blowing technology. Their main advantage is reduction of friction, thanks to which cable or micro-cable damage is prevented and a longer blowing distance is attained. The lubricants are compatible with all types of cables, micro-cables, micro-ducts and blowing machines. Also available is the winter version for use at lower temperatures.








      Type Prelube 2000

 Type: Prelube 2000

 Combustibility: minimal

 Usage: reduces friction during blowing of micro-ducts or cables into HDPE

 ducts. Increases the distance for one-off blowing.
 Packaging: P-35 / plastic bottle 0.95 l /








       Type Prelube 5000


 Type: Prelube 5000

 Combustibility: minimal

 Usage: reduces friction when blowing optical micro-cables into micro-ducts.

 Increases the distance for one-off blowing.
 Packaging: PM-8 /plastic tube 0.24 l /


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Polywater catalogue 2009

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