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Lubricants for pulling


Our company offers several types of lubricants for drawing of cables from the leading world manufacturer, the American company Polywater® . This company has multiyear experience that has been proven in practice. Thanks to all sorts of lubricants, it is possible to suggest an optimal solution for any drawing of cables in various environments. These types of lubricants are used in many countries of the world in various installation conditions. We recommend non-negligence of the usage of lubricants because their major advantage is always that thanks to reduction of the friction coefficient, the cable jackets are not damaged and it is mainly possible to pull a longer distance. This simplifies installation work and increases it efficiency.  The lubricants are health hazard free and are compatible with all types of cable jackets. Also available are winter versions for use at temperatures of up to -30°C. / marked W - winter /


                            Type F




 Type: F

 Combustibility: No

 Installation temperature: from -5°C to 50°C type F

 from -30°C to 50°C type WF

 Lubricant for longer more exacting drawing of optical fibre cables. 

 Compatible with all types of plastic jackets.

 Packaging: F-35 / 0,95 l bottle/
 F-128 / 3,8 l cannister/

 F-640 / 18,9 l bucket/

                      Type NN, NB

 Type: NN, NB
 Combustibility: minimal

 Installation .temperature from -5°C to 50°C type NN and NB
 from -30°C to 50°C type WNN and WNB
 Type NN and NB is the best solution for applications,where the ducts

 are moist or full of water. Moreover, type NB has reduced friction

 thanks to small silicone particles, which are added to the lubricant.

 Packaging: NN-35 / 0.95 l bottle /
 NB-128 / 3.8 l canister /
 NB-640 / 18.9 l bucket /




                            Type J

 Type: J 
 Combustibility: No

 Installation temperature: from -5°C to 60°C type J
 from -5°C to 60°C type WJ
 Minimal friction, recommended for longer cable lines and multiple

 bends. Good for higher temperature environments.
 Packaging: J-35 / 0.95 l bottle /
 J-128 / 3.8 l canister /
 J-640 / 18.9 l bucket /





                       Type CLR


 Type: CLR
 Combustibility: minimal
 Installation temperature: from -5°C to 40°C
 Multi-purpose lubricant for electrical and data applications. 

 Compatible with all types of cable jackets.
 Packaging: CLR-35 / 0.95 l bottle /
 CLR-128 / 3.8 l canister /


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