Construction of multi-duct cable routes and Carson access chambers was started in our market more than 15 years ago and in this period SITEL spol. s r.o. has successfully launched these products in the market and acquired a lot of experience that it utilised in the perfection of this progressive solution.

The multi-duct is largely used in the construction of metropolitan networks, railway and tram stops, local networks, truck lines in buildings where it is possible to appreciate mainly that it is easy to access already existing cable ducts via access chambers and additional ground works and excavation works are not essential.  Practice has revealed the necessity to plan cable routes with a reserve, especially in the metropolitan developments because the demand for spatial lodgement rises with the volume of laid cables. The Multi-duct fully meets the requirements and it is possible to state that at present no comparable product exists, which would be capable of fully competing with this system and all its advantages.  The concept of construction of multi-duct lines raises many questions and problems, which must be solved as efficiently as possible so that the system meets the high demands of the advanced modern day market.  To perfect this progressive technology, our employees use not only own experience, but mainly data from the implementing companies, users, designers, network administrator, etc.

Multi-duct and his usage:

Traffic constructions:

MultikanalMultikanalInstalace MultikanálůMultikanál


Railway construcitons:




Works of tunnels:

MultikanálMultikanálMultikanálInstalace Multikanálů


Historical consturctions:

MultikanalMultikanalMultikanal 4WMultikanal

Ecological constructions:

Instalace MultikanálůInstalace MultikanálůInstalace Multikanálů