Underground Cable Chambers

Underground Cable Chambers



Essential components of the cable routes are access cable chambers, which are mainly used for checks, repair, replacement or installation of new cables in the existing cable ducts.  The chambers that are commonly used at present may be made of concrete or brickwork. The advantage of these chambers is vertical adaptability of the cable duct, bearing capacity, service life, etc.. Given today´s development rate in the building industry, only these "advantages" do not suffice and it is necessary to offer many more advantages. One of the alternatives and already market proven solutions is the use of Carson plastic cable access chambers, which are distributed by SITEL, spol. s r.o. The access chambers by their dimensional range and variability facilitate usage in various branches and their variegated usability can be demonstrated on the number of already realized buildings. The plastic cable chambers are just like the Multi-ducts made of high density polyethylene (HDPE), which is a material that is tough, highly resistant to chemicals, easily machinable, weldable, ecological, light, etc. These features coupled with its long service life of 50 years are the biggest advantages of this product. Carson chambers can be used almost without limitations, because their installation does not require machinery and is very easy.  The  Polyvault and Integral dimensional series offer different cellar size variants and facilitate unlimited height addition and lengthening according to the requirements of the customer.  The body of the cellar is designed to withstand high static load. However, this series is not suitable for installation in roadways since its maximum permitted load corresponds to Class B 125  (125 kN, i.e. 12.5 t). Only C2 type chambers are suitable for roadway load; they fulfil Class D 400 (400 kN, i.e. 40 t) load requirements. The plastic chambers are laid on a concrete base, eventually, on a made up gravel base. Openings can be made in the chambers using drilling bits, reciprocating or power-saws and the chambers can thus be installed also for the existing underground cable lines. Assembly foam, eventually mortar or concrete  is used to seal the passages.


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Company SITEL Ltd supply a comprehensive range of ductile iron access covers, conctrete covers, plastic covers, composite covers,reccesed covers and steel covers to meet specified loading requirements from pedestrian up to carriageway duty and are available in a wide range of clear opening dimensions and depths. HDPE Covers are designed into drop-in without a frame to POLYvault™ and Carson™ range of access chambers. The (test) load class to be chosen depends on the area of application. The different areas of application are divided into groups from 1 – 6. The decision as to which class should be chosen lies within the responsibility of the user/planner. In case of doubt, however, we recommend to use the next higher class.


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Together with the Multi-ducts, the Carson plastic chambers form a complete progressive system for construction of new cable ducts. Their usage in building construction will not only bring financial and time savings, but also assurance of return on investments. For design of multi-duct routes and Carson plastic chambers, we provide a CD containing the appropriate files in AutoCad and Microstation format to interested parties free-of-charge; we further offer professional aid in the design of these progressive cable ducts. Further information is available under the tabs of the individual products.